Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives Kansas City Be Healthy and Well Fair: Dr. Irv Cohen, MD, MPH Reversing Diabetes and Obesity; The New Hippocrates Diet

  •  Understanding Myths and Half Truths on diet.
  •  How Diets have changed and why many don’t work.
  •  Understanding how food is processed by our bodies.
  •  How to avoid diet busters.
  •  How to monitor your progress on the diet.

Dr. Jon O’Neal, MD, MPH Lifestyle Medicine and Your Heart: 

  1. Relate use of Lifestyle Medicine(LM) to improve chronic disease outcomes.
  2. Compare and contrast the differences between Conventional and Lifestyle Medicine.
  3. Prescribe 4 Lifestyle Changes that can affect cardiovascular mortality risk.
  4. State the main study that proved lifestyle changes can regress coronary atherosclerosis.

Andy Dean, PA-C (Dermatology): Skin Cancer Prevention and Skin Wellness

  • To identify the three main types of skin cancer and their characteristics
  • To understand some of the risk factors for skin cancer
  • To understand the process of photoaging and the effect of chronic ultraviolet light on skin
  • To understand the importance of sunscreens, how they work and the criteria for choosing a good one.

Dr. Jesse W. Cheng, MD, MPH Homeopathic/Alternative Medicine and Vitamins – The Science

  • Understand the objective science behind homeopathic remedies and cures.
  • Understand the objective science behind various vitamins, supplements, probiotics, etc.
  •  Understand the dangers behind various herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Dr. Zhengyu Hu, MD, MS My Aching Neck and Back!!!

  1. Identify the anatomy of spine.
  2. Locate the sources of pain generators in the spine.
  3. When to seek specialist help and what to expect during a consultation.
  4. What are the treatment methods available.

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